We provide free Voluntary Medical Male Circumcisions (VMMCs) to all males 10 years and older across three provinces Northern cape, Western Cape and the Free State.

A circumcision is a minor surgery and therefore patients should not fast before surgery. The foreskin is removed and stiches are placed that will fall out on their own (once the surgical site has healed). This procedure is done under local anaesthetic and takes approximately 20 minutes and two follow-up appointments are made (2 days and 7 days after the procedure) this is done to insure that the wound is healing correctly.

Studies done in Africa (South Africa and Kenya) have shown that voluntary medical male circumcision is an effective strategy in HIV prevention. This is achieved by removing the foreskin which makes uncircumcised men more susceptible to contracting HIV as the foreskin is more susceptible to tears during sex. This allows virus particles to invade and infect the tissue. Thus removing the foreskin can have an up to 60% reduction in contracting HIV. The risk of contracting penile cancer is also diminished as circumcision has been linked to a decrease in the acquisition of other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). This also means protection against cervical cancer for female partners.

We also offer free HIV testing and counseling, a screening for STDs as well as a Mens Health Workshop which aims to educate on safe sex practices. Free male and female condoms are available and the proper use of these is demonstrated.