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Important points regarding circumcision

  • The procedure is under local anesthetic and therefore no restrictions on eating and drinking before your procedure. Please do not fast before the procedure.
  • Patients are able to go home on the same day but need to be collected as they cannot drive themselves home. Once they are fully awake and pain free. they may go home.
  • A local anesthetic is given during the procedure which gives pain reliëf for up to 8 hours after the procedure.
  • Pain medication is supplied which should be taken every 8 hours regardless of whether pain is felt or not for at least 5 days.
  • For the initial 5 days following surgery, it is advised to shower or stand in the bath in order to prevent premature dissolving of suture material.
  • The dressing should ideally be left in place for a 7day period (one week). It is to be removed at home.
  • If it were to come off before the 7th day period is up, no repeat dressing is usually necessary.
  • nce the initial dressing comes off , no further dressing or ointment or anti-septic solutions are applied. Ordinary soap and water together with normal hygiene care are al that is required to get an optimal result.
  • If the dressing is difficult to remove, sit in a bath of water for a short period of time.
  • Because the head of the penis has always been covered with skin, it may appear very irritated once the dressing is removed – this is normal and will improve over the coming of weeks.
  • All normal activity and play is allowed from the day of the surgery except swimming.
  • Absorbable sutures are used that take around 2 weeks to start falling out. No sutures need removal.
  • Complications associated with circumcision include bleeding and (rarely) infection. Although a small amount of bleeding from the suture line is acceptable, more severe bleeding with swelling or discoloration of the penis requires immediate consultation. Infection is extremely rare especially if the measures explained are adhered to.
  • Patients are advised to refrain from sexual intercourse or masturbation for 6 weeks following surgery.
  • Please make sure to come for follow up visits 2 days and 7 days after your procedure. The health care professionals at the facility will provide you with a time and date.